A few opinions shared by our lectures, attendees, and other partners


Miha Mavsar, Society Mladinski Ceh, Projects Lead

»Irena from Institute aneri was of great help during one week long entrepreneurial camps for young people, sharing her years long experience in business world. Her lecture »In the Business Ocean« vastly upgraded understanding of various business subjects, which attendees had a chance to learn about. She shared her knowledge by using practical examples from her own business path. They talked about rises and falls as she generously provided them with many useful tips and great advice that will be very useful for them. With open and whole-hearted approach she ensured great ambience and satisfied attendees who listened to her so eagerly that at the end they wanted even more. Her proficiency, reliability and heartfelt attitude convinced us to stay open to cooperate in future projects«.

Špela, age 30, Medvode

»We are flooded with online information offering a skewed view on educational subjects by over-generalizing problems, which is anything but useful. Smaller boutique events, like those organized by Institute aneri, offer much more personally applicable advice and really useful information. Personal approach is what I value the most as it helps me grow as a person and also businesswise«.

Nina, age 24, Logatec

»I attended a few events organized by Institute aneri. So far, proficiency and excellent organization satisfied my expectations. Diversity of events is exciting. Institute aneri is always ready to help and provides the answers for many business related dilemas. I  recommend it from my heart«!

Mojca, age 37, Črnomelj

»I took part in two events organized by Institute aneri. The attractive title drew me to it at first, for it promised a »known« subject in a different way. Actually, it exceeded my expectations. Lecturers were convincingly proficient and their approach to engage attendees  as well. Kind welcome by event organizers and their attentiveness definitely add to overall well-being of all attendees. In short, you feel welcome, accepted, ambience is relaxing and new knowledge is gained«.

Tina, age 54, Celje

»I attended two diverse workshops/lectures organized by Institute aneri. Both of them succeeded to broaden my horizons in business as well as in personal life. I experienced an enjoyable sharing of various skills and knowledge, which I – as private entrepreneur – need and use on a daily basis. I like the smaller scale of these events because all attendees are presented with a greater opportunity to evaluate their business or personal challenges and finally, working side by side we find best strategies for our success in the future«.

Vit-al center Ltd, Alenka Ajnik

»I am thrilled with Institute aneri, their organization and integration of various institutions. Mrs. Irena is taking great care of it. I am thankful that we could be a part of it. The attendance was excellent«.

Aljoša, age 28, Ljubljana

»While listening to the lecture »In the Business Ocean«, I got an insight into how an entrepreneur should think, for which I am honestly grateful. I got to know about those characteristics that make an entrepreneur successful and also learned lots of useful information for solving real issues, which pop up in everyday business world«.

Ivana, age 30, Prebold

»Irena’s lecture was inspiring. She has lots of knowledge and vast experience to offer from business world. It was really exciting that she managed to find an instructive lesson from every experience she had been through. I think, everyone was able to hear and get some good advice which will benefit in their future endeavours as an entrepreneur«.

Ana, age 29, Koper

»You can not find many lectures / workshops, which could be described by using superlatives, though Institute aneri, time and time fills me with enthusiasm. Their events charge you with feelings of satisfaction and gratitude at the same time. Ambiance of events is very pleasant as well as the attending company, which are usually a smaller group of people. This allows more relaxed relations among attendees. Institute aneri is a great organization and lecturers reach down to the bottom of their souls to make everything so enjoyable. Especially, I like diversity of lecturing subjects, which offers a broad spectrum of knowledge such as personal growth, health and many useful ideas from business world. I felt, that everything they do, they do it from their hearts with joy. I sure will attend many other events organized by Institute aneri in the future«.

mag. med. um. pr. Blaž Bertoncelj, Studio BA Tango

»It was a pleasure to cooperate with Institute aneri as a lecturer. I had the opportunity to present a subject outside of my academic domain in front of a group of highly motivated individuals with whom we developed a spontaneous discussion about personal branding and its application in everyday environment. I always like to work with people who are eager to learn and motivated but also stand on a firm ground«.

Jana Lavtižar, marital and family therapy specialist 

»I was especially interested in the presentation of personal branding and visual communication organized by the Institute aneri, because I work as a freelancer in a field where personal authenticity is an essential component of my work. Blaž, in his inimitable way, shared a vast amount of his knowledge as an artist and a cosmopolitan who works hard to offer such a high quality service, while being fine-tuned with the sources of his inspiration.

Daša’s presentation clearly showed the complexity of a graphical designer’s work which not only demands expertise and work experience but an ample dose of originality and universal knowledge. I also enjoyed her lecture because it so exquisitely illustrated Blaž’s slogan “I as a personal brand”.

Both visually rich lectures connected to be the parts of a whole. I left packed with fresh inspiration and a wish for MORE«!

Maja, age 44, Zasavje

»I took part in formal and informal education and attended an event organized by Institute aneri with intent to progress businesswise and also meet other people connected by this Institute. I returned home stunned as I perceived a simple and effective method for comprehending myself and people around me. I immediately tested the method and intend to use it further in life. It was a shock to discover so much more room for improvement in my personal, social and business life, where my own contribution can be so essential. My awareness expanded and I now better understand where and how I can use different levels of my inner essence, those that I need in a given situation the most. It calms me. This unbelievably simple technique to communicate something to another person what we would prefer to avoid or hardly speak about should be the basis of development and education of our children. Thank you, we will see us again«!

Katja, age 42, Ljubljana

»In the last year I attended many lectures and workshops organized by Institute aneri. In my career I had a chance to observe work principles of big international corporations as well as smaller private companies. I was involved as an organizer of management training workshops and general employee workshops in big slovenian as well as foreign companies. Therefore I can confirm that Institute aneri is operating on a high level of proficiency. Though, in my opinion, great added value is offered by Institute’s personal, innovative and relaxed approach to sharing demanding and complex teaching contents. A broad spectrum of interesting lecturers combined with a “manageable” group of attendees often turns out to be an exceptionally creative workshop which allows broader exchange of opinions, very unlike “classical” lectures. This way everybody gains more from each lecture and more importantly, everyone has a chance to make new business acquaintances. My new business challenges and starting my own company demanded a different view on business performance and Institute aneri for sure offers a fresh perspective on that, which time and time again “blows fresh wind under the wings of my enterprise”. I warmly recommend it»!